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period supplies for this millennium.

meet maeve.

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We're on a mission to make sure people with periods never sit on toilet paper again. We provide eco-friendly, high quality menstrual products in public spaces, through (1) institutional subscriptions, and (2) credit card-enabled* vending machines.

*because we know you don't have quarters...


for biz

A yearly subscription providing students, employees, etc., with free, high-quality menstrual products.

Perfect for schools, colleges, universities, camps, corporate employers, gyms, members clubs, hotels & more.

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Institutional Subscriptions

our machines

Maeve Machines are modern touch-screen period supplies vending machines that are

  • credit card, Apple Pay & Google Wallet enabled*
  • stocked with organic tampons, pads, and pantyliners
  • built by people with periods for people with periods.

The Classic

Wall-Mounted Machines

Our classic smart vending machine, mounted on the wall of your washroom. We install, maintain & stock the machine, at no cost to you.

Perfect for clubs, performance venues, bars, restaurants, airports, train stations, cinemas & other public spaces.

The Camper

Free-Standing Machines

The Classic does festivals. A free-standing machine for limited-time events without traditional bathrooms.

Perfect for concerts, festivals, camp sites, fairs, & other outdoor events. If you've got portapotties, you need The Camper.

we stock high-quality, organic, eco-friendly menstrual products you'll actually (!) want to use.

Menstrual tampon on a blue background. Menstruation time. Hygiene and protection


organic tampons, both with and without applicators.

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Pads + Liners

pads & liners.

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never sit on toilet paper again.

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