periods happen in public.

Meet Maeve.

Maeve Machines is the leading Canadian provider of public space period supplies through our innovative touch-screen smart dispensers.

We sell organic pads and tampons to institutions (like schools, universities, offices, airports, stadiums, and other public spaces) so they can provide them to their employees, students, and customers for free. We also offer free-standing machines for events and corporate machine sponsorships.

Our innovative machines host ad space, allow for organizational cost-splitting, and let us remotely monitor stock so that our machines never go empty. We help our enterprise customers order smarter and save money by analyzing past usage data and automatically updating their subscription service.

We believe that people with periods should have reliable, affordable access to menstrual products wherever we go. And we go everywhere.


We place our smart dispensers in businesses, schools, and other public venues. Our dispensers host ad space to subsidize our service and keep costs low

Institutional customers subscribe to our refill service: organic, eco-friendly, plastic-free pads and tampons in packages of 500.

Pads and tampons are free for bathroom users

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